Kat was previously the digital assistant on Healthy Food Guide. Since leaving, she has completed a Le Cordon Bleu course and now runs a wedding cake company in Boston, Massachusetts

So long avocado on toast! I know, I could hardly believe what I was reading, too. Apparently the newer, cooler, more nutritious trend is avocado (or anything you like) on sweet potato toast.

When the HFG team first found out about this, we knew we had to try it to get a sense of its staying power. Would it be a fleeting trend or a new addition to our breakfast repertoire? After all it does sound pretty weird. How on earth does one toast sweet potato anyway?

In a toaster, obviously! Here’s how easy it is…

First, I cut a sweet potato into 6mm thick slices then toasted them at the highest number, twice in a row. I then decided to go for a classic sliced avocado and chilli flake topping.

The team reactions? Mixed, but mostly positive. Some thought the sweet potato needed a little more time in the toaster, but it will also depend on your toaster so two to two and a half rounds of toasting should suffice. Test it out to see what you like best.


We thought it was a wonderful alternative to bread and a big bonus is that it packs in more nutrition than a slice of sourdough. We discussed other topping options too. Some of the favourites were scrambled eggs, canned tuna and feta.

While some thought it was the perfect breakfast option, others thought it might be even more appropriate for lunch.

The best part of this though, could be the revolutionary way of cooking the notoriously slow-to-be-ready sweet potato.

Go on, give it a try, experiment with toppings and let us know how you get on by writing us at [email protected]