5 tips on reducing air pollution in the home

In spite of rising concerns about the impact of air pollution on our health, many of us are blissfully unaware…


Does cheese give you cancer?

If you woke up to headlines that cheddar and cream cheese could give you breast cancer, we’ve got some facts…

acrylamide toast


The link between acrylamide, food and cancer

All you need to know about this possible carcinogen and how it affects how you cook at home   The…

weight gain


Cancer charity blames weight gain for nation’s failing health

People in England have put on almost 1.5 billion pounds in weight over the past 20 years, says Cancer Research…


The surprising health benefits of coffee

We look at the surprising health benefits of coffee, so you don't need to fear your regular coffee could be…


Is obesity in women a national risk?

The short answer is yes, according to England’s chief medical officer, Sally Davies. In her annual report, Dame Sally has…



7 ways to eat well while on chemotherapy

Eating a healthy diet while on chemotherapy can be difficult when tastebuds and appetite are hampered. Our nutritionist has the…

nutrition powders and seeds


Guide to nutrition powders and seeds

From chia and flaxseed to spirulina powder, here’s how to sprinkle a little extra nutrition on your food BEFORE SPLASHING…


Which drinks will help cut your cancer risk?

There’s no one particular food or drink you can eat to beat cancer – but including these easy drinks ideas…


10 ways to boost your antioxidant intake

Give your body better protection by using these 10 easy tips to get more antioxidants into every meal 1. Leave…

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