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How I stay healthy: Michelle Heaton

Liberty X singer and one of the stars of TV’s The Real Full Monty, Michelle Heaton, 38, experienced a premature…


Should you try hot yoga?

Intended to offer a deeper stretch and a detoxifying effect on the body thanks to extra sweat production, ‘hot yoga’…


Why extra exercise benefits your brain and your gut

We all know that a regular exercise regime helps us lose or maintain weight, boosts happiness and improves our heart…



5 ways to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions

It's that time of year again. A new opportunity to change old eating habits, exercise more, and get more sleep.…

National Fitness Day


How does National Fitness Day work?

Get fit and healthy by taking part in National Fitness Day. The HFG team show you how we got up…



5 ways to ease into exercise over 50

Over 50s with brain fog should take up exercising to boost cognitive function, according to a recent report in the…

6 exercises to do when you're feeling lazy


6 exercises to do when you’re feeling lazy

1. When stuck in traffic, squeeze your buttock muscles, hold for a count of 10, release and repeat. 2. In…


UK fitness events to take part in: January

Put your fitness to the test in 2017, take part in one of these events happening around the UK this…


15 beautiful walks around the UK to get you fit in 2017

Walking is great exercise, so if your fitness goal is to increase your daily steps  then the National Trust has plenty of…


How I stay healthy: Ben Fogle

The broadcaster is no stranger to risk, but he doesn’t take chances with his health – at home or in…

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