Pause for effect review


Review: Pause for Effect at Home Farm Glamping, Elstree

Need a weekend away to recharge your batteries? A new series of short, reasonably priced retreats in the countryside could…


15 beautiful walks around the UK to get you fit in 2017

Walking is great exercise, so if your fitness goal is to increase your daily steps  then the National Trust has plenty of…



5 ways to improve your walking technique

Personal trainer Jessica Smith recommends you focus on five things to improve your fitness and get maximum health benefits  …

what to eat before a walk


What to eat before a walk

Sports nutritionist Anita Bean has devised an eating plan for before and after a moderate walk to help sustain your…


What is urban hiking?

The US trend for local exploration is now being championed over here by professional walker Anja Phoenix. Anja, who designs…


Improve your fitness in 3 easy steps

The surest way to shape up is to find an activity you really enjoy – then move it up a…


3 types of walking & how many calories each burns

The calories you can expect to burn with… General walking This is what you do when you’re out shopping or…


How to improve your health by walking

Get walking regularly and you could add up to seven years to your life, says a new study. We help…


How to make walking to work easy

Get into your stride to boost your health – there are plenty of tools to help you plan your route…


Where, when and why men gain weight

Our experts explain the most common reasons for male weight gain, why it matters, and what to do about it……

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