In a bid to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, HFG’s editorial assistant, Niamh Leonard-Bedwell, booked an overnight stay at the UK’s first eco-spa

Working full-time in the city, it’s easy to become stressed, or anxious – especially when you’re part of the daily rush hour commute! That’s why I didn’t need much convincing to book my trip away from London when the opportunity to visit Titanic Spa arose.

Located on the edge of the Pennines in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and set in an old textile mill, Titanic is the UK’s first ‘eco-spa’. It runs on renewable energy, generated from solar panels, and has its own natural water source, found 100m below the building.

Also offering a range of luxurious treatments, I was excited to check myself in for a self-care session at Yorkshire’s no.1 sustainable pamper destination. I brought my mum along, as she was also in need of a well-deserved break. Image of Titanic Spa building

The spa

Included in all day and overnight packages, Titanic’s ‘Heat and Ice Experience’ promotes a ritual of bathing whereby visitors heat and cool the body for ultimate relaxation.

The heating experiences range from a ‘Crystal Steam Bath’, where the combination of heat, essential oils and salt helps to induce a state of calm, to an ‘Aromatherapy Room’, where the dry and warm environment helps you to perspire and cleanse the pores, to a traditional Finnish sauna cabin.

Among the cooling experiences is an ‘Ice Room’, where visitors are encouraged to rub crushed ice over the body. There’s also a cold plunge pool. If you normally hate the cold, like me, it might be that neither of these sound particularly appealing, but after a while in the hot sauna, trust me, the icy plunge pool feels divine!Image of Titanic's plunge pool

The pool

I’m not a particularly keen swimmer, but the salt-regulated pool at Titanic converted me. It was only 1.2m deep (meaning I could touch the bottom at all times) and the water was cool, without being uncomfortably cold. Plus, there were only three of us swimming, which also meant there was no chance of bumping into anyone.

Image of Titanic Spa swimming pool

The Elemis skincare workshop

During our spa visit, we met with Elemis expert, Hannah, for a skincare workshop. Due to my sensitive skin, I always worry about trying new products. Although I’m ashamed to say it,  washing my skin with a cleansing milk about once a day is the extent of my usual ‘skincare regime’.

Hannah showed us the new Superfood Skincare range from Elemis. She explained that as the ingredients were natural and the products contained no harsh chemicals, I needn’t worry about using them on my sensitive skin.

After making my skincare confessions, Hannah talked me through a simple routine, using a cleanser and toner twice a day, an exfoliator once a week and moisturising with day and night creams. Her top tip was to keep your cleanser and exfoliator in the shower, so you had no excuses not to use them if you tend to be lazy like me.Image of Elemis Superfood range

The treatment

Following my mum’s recommendation (it wasn’t her first trip to Titanic!), I booked a 55-minute Elemis Deeper than Deep Hot Stone massage. I was a little sceptical about whether it would do the trick of relaxing me, as I know I hold a lot of tension around my shoulders. But, I was able to explain this to my masseur, Mia, who also asked the level of pressure I was comfortable with.

10 minutes in and I was so relaxed that I was practically nodding off! The sweet-smelling Frangipani Monoi Body Oil used with the hot stones added another layer of luxury, leaving my skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Time to switch off

The overnight apartments at Titanic Spa have TVs and DVD players, but no Wifi, so you can enjoy a well-deserved break from social media scrolling. I often find it difficult to take time out to relax, without feeling guilty that I should be getting on with something. But taking a trip away from city life, giving myself a break from my phone and allowing myself some quiet time at Titanic Spa really worked wonders. I would definitely recommend it and hope that I’ll be able to pay them another visit soon.

For full pricing details, visit titanic