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Got a toddler who can’t sit still? Take them to a dedicated session at a trampoline park to bounce off that energy

Trampolining can be done at any age. Danielle Andrews took her son Ralph, three, to try out a toddler session at a trampoline park.

‘I took Ralph to a toddler session at Gravity Force trampoline park in Camberley, Surrey. Like most young children, Ralph loves soft play centres, ball pools and our garden trampoline. So when I heard about the Gravity Tots play session that combined all these and more, I knew he’d be in his element.

As well as the room full of trampolines there’s a foam pit they can leap into, a parachute they can run under and Disney tunes to sing along to. It wasn’t overcrowded as I’d feared – there’s plenty of room to bounce and because everything’s padded, you don’t have to worry that your little one’s going to career off somewhere and injure himself.

It was good to have an hour of sheer play and activity and a good way to ensure kids eat and sleep well afterwards. I was seriously tempted to get involved myself, so much so that I was told off for attempting a somersault. Apparently, adults aren’t allowed to do that during the tots’ session! So I might head back soon with a group of grown-up friends.’

Classes cost £10 for one adult and one toddler (additional toddlers £5 each). Find out more here
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