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In case you missed it, the Christmas sandwich buzz is officially back for 2019.  Each year, high street giants such as Pret A Manger and Marks and Spencer’s compete to be crowned winner of the Best Christmas Sandwich and this year many of the retailers have gone all out with their vegan selection. This Christmas, as our gift to you, we’ve sussed out the best vegan-friendly festive options.

Find out which 2019 vegan Christmas sarnies are the best things since sliced bread…

Plant Kitchen Nutcracker Sandwich, £3.50, Marks and Spencer

Marks & Spencer Plant Kitchen

Marks & Spencer has come back stronger than ever this year with their festive sandwiches. Their new Nutcracker sandwich is filled with sweet potato, nut roast and a generous dollop of cranberry chutney. Plus we thought the the almond butter mayo was a little bit different and made a lovely addition. The fact that 5% of the money from every pack bought goes to homeless charity, Shelter, makes it an even bigger steal.

Nutrition per pack: 495kcal; 17.2g fat; 2.7g saturates; 21.6g sugars; 1.68g salt

Very Merry Christmas Lunch, £3.50/241g, Pret

Pret's vegan sandwich

Packed with crunchy grilled carrots, spinach leaves, vegan stuffing, a generous amount of port (hello!) and an orange cranberry sauce, there’s no room left for you to miss meat in this extra festive sandwich. Warning: you’ll definitely need a plate, or else a few napkins to stop the filling from falling out. At 540 calories, it’s a heartier option than some of the other high street alternatives but you get more bang for your buck when it comes to flavour.

Nutrition per pack: 540kcal; 24.2g fat; 2.7g saturates; 18.8g sugars; 1.6g salt

‘All about the sprout’, £4.25/250g, Paul

This festive baguette may be divisive (you really do have to like sprouts for this one) but we’re certainly convinced.  It’s filled with a combination of roasted brussels sprouts,  houmous, grilled carrots, pickled red cabbage and a generous dollop of Paul’s orange jam and old English chutney. It’s a little higher in calories than the others (because it’s so big!) so makes a really satisfying end-of-the-week lunch.

Nutrition per pack: 627kcal; 13.8g fat; 1.2g saturates; 30.0g sugars; 3.0g salt 

Festive Vegan Feast, £3.95, Benugo

If the last one was ‘all about the sprouts’, then this offering by Benugo is all about houmous! It features a really moreish nut roast, a fiery chilli jam and a generous dollop of their sweet and creamy parsnip houmous. Delish!

Nutrition per pack: 542kcal; 12.8g protein 4.6g saturates; 15.5g sugars; 1.2g salt

Christmas New Yorker £2.25, Sainsbury

Simple yet effective is how we would describe Sainsbury’s vegan Christmas New Yorker.  Filled with only a handful of ingredients (coconut cheese, gherkins, red cabbage and a festive chutney), you might find it a bit less exciting than some of the other sarnies on the market but at £2.25 it’s a real steal.

Nutrition per pack: 386kcal; 10.9g fat; 1.56g saturates; 15.6g sugars; 1.49g salt

Very merry vegan wrap with butternut, £3.20 Starbucks

Starbucks’s festive wrap certainly ticks the colourful box! The wrap is made with beetroot and  filled with butternut squash fritters, red cabbage and a good drizzle of a maple mustard mayonnaise. It’s sweet, nutritious and will certainly turn heads.

Nutrition per 100g: 239kcal; 13g fat; 1.6g saturates; 15.6g sugars; 0.83g salt

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