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Promising a cinematic screen that depicts beautiful landscapes during classes, FLY LDN brands itself as a yoga studio to appeal to ‘non-yogis’. Curious to find out more, I booked a 45-minute session before work to see if I could be converted.

Stepping off the already busy tube at 07:45 in the morning, I’m sceptical about whether even the most immersive yoga class will distract me from the traffic outside and the emails awaiting me at the office. But that’s exactly what FLY LDN promises its visitors, offering views of stunning scenery via a huge screen at its Aldgate studio. I’ve booked an 8am ‘Flow Life 45’ session, a quick workout ‘designed to make you sweat, breathe deeper and focus your mind away from the city hustle’.

Despite my doubts as I enter the class, the low lighting, uplifting playlist and huge screen immediately help focus my attention on what’s happening in the room rather than outside. As we change between poses, the screen transitions between images of beautiful sunrises, rippling waves and forest scenes. Five minutes in and I am totally immersed.

The pace of the class is quite fast, and for the whole 45 minutes we are moving: from the floor to standing poses and back down again. My balance isn’t the best, and as the practice takes us onto one leg before leaning forward and touching the floor with one hand, it takes all of my concentration and core strength not to topple over completely! But by the finish, I am feeling well-stretched and rejuvenated.

While I’ve been guilty of clock-watching at some previous yoga classes I’ve attended, I find I am actually disappointed when the session comes to an end. With not much time to get ready before work, I am pleasantly surprised at the modern and bright facilities offered by the studio. Another major tick for me is the Cloud Nine hair straighteners that have been made available, which help me tackle my post-workout frizz!

Out of the studio door by 9am, and due in the office at 9:30, I take a brisk stroll across London Bridge, taking in a view of the city on this cold-but-bright morning. As I arrive in the office and sit at my desk, I feel less daunted by the prospect of opening my email inbox. I feel positive about the day ahead, and have FLY LDN to thank for it.

Find the FLY LDN studio at Fibi House, 24 Creechurch Lane, London EC3A 5EH. Visit for more information on classes and rates.